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Solupak Acid Clense Descaler 1ltr

A periodic heavy duty descaler for areas where scale build-up is an issue. Fast-acting and ready to use the liquid. Use with care.
£3.33 (Excl. VAT)

Solupak Biological Washroom Cleaner (pack of 10)

This newly improved biological washroom cleaner neutralises nasty odours and effectively removes soap scum and dirt from all washable surfaces in washroom areas (toilets, showers, basins, baths, taps etc) and prevents the build up of limescale. SOLUPAK BIOLOGICAL WASHROOM CLEANER - PINE - 750ML DILUTION (1.1) (1)
£9.24 (Excl. VAT)

Solupak Degreaser Cleaner (pack of 10)

Powerful degreaser formulated to clean and degrease all washable surfaces. For use in food safe areas. Simply drop one sachet into a 750ml spray bottle and use. SOLUPAK DEGREASER CLEANER - FRAGRANCE FREE - 750ML (1.0)
£4.88 (Excl. VAT)