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Citrus Gel 1L

A citrus solvent and detergent-based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpet and fabrics. Citrus Gel can be used safely on many spots and stains and is formulated to work on the fibre surface avoiding problems to latex and bitumen backings which commonly occur with other citrus based solvents. White gel with citrus fragrance. Ready-to-use pH 5 psse840 sdse840
£12.88 (Excl. VAT)

Solvall Spotter 5L

A high-performance volatile dry solvent for general spot cleaning of oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum,oil-based paints and many other solvent soluble stains on carpets and fabrics. Clear solvent with light orange fragrance. Ready-to-use sdsb123 pssb123
£65.10 (Excl. VAT)