Freestanding hand sanitising stations from Hygieia

COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of germs and cleanliness and whether the virus disappears forever or lingers around, the nation’s focus on cleanliness is likely to remain.

So any investment in hand sanitiser dispenser stands is going to be a worthwhile one as these are here to stay.

Our range of freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers and desktop touch-free sanitisers has been designed to minimise the spread of germs in your organisation easily and effectively, keeping staff and visitors as safe as possible.

  • Our freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers can be positioned anywhere, inside or outside, and can easily be moved
  • Our desktop touch free sanitisers are perfect for office environments where germs concentrate on high-touch areas such as phones and keyboards
  • Our wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser stands should be placed in prominent positions to encourage maximum usage upon entering and leaving rooms and buildings

All our freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers, desktop and wall-mounted ones are touch-free and use infra-red technology to dispense the perfect amount of 70% alcohol sanitising gel. Each dispenser is supplied with a cannister of gel and refills are readily available.






What are touch-free sanitising stations?

These are units that dispense sanitising hand gel that will clean hands more effectively than soap and water alone.

Our range of touch-free sanitising stations has been designed with complete flexibility in mind and so we can offer desktop touch-free sanitisers, floor standing hand sanitiser dispenser stands, or wall-mounted touch-free sanitising stations.

Each unit can be positioned inside or outside and should be placed at key entry and exit points into buildings and individual rooms. The impact of COVID-19 will change the way we work forever, and organisations have a greater duty of care to help protect all employees, customers and visitors entering their premises.

Installing touch-free sanitising stations is just one way that companies can help protect their stakeholders from germs and COVID-19.

How do touch-free sanitising stations work?

All of the touch-free sanitising stations we supply - whether they are desktop touch-free sanitisers, wall-mounted or freestanding – use infra-red technology to dispense a controlled amount application of hand gel when a hand passes over the sensor.

Why buy your touch-free sanitising station from us?

  • Easy - our hand sanitiser dispenser stands are easy to assemble and refill and simple to use. A light will appear to indicate if either their hand sanitiser or the batteries are running low. The batteries that power the touch-free technology are standard AA batteries and typically last 12 months

  • Effective – our hand sanitiser is made from 70% alcohol which is strong enough to kill germs and infectious bacteria, without drying out the skin
  • Value for money – each of our touch-free sanitising stations is supplied with one cannister of hand sanitiser which will dispense up to 2500 applications
  • Refills available – we carry a large stock of hand sanitiser refills so will always be able to fulfil your orders
  • Custom branding – we can incorporate your logo or any specific messages to your hand sanitiser dispenser stands

Benefits of desktop and freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers

The majority of infections are transmitted by hands, so it’s vital to help minimise the spread of any infection between staff, visitors, customers, and suppliers.

Not only will it help your staff feel more secure and that they matter, it also helps an organisation’s productivity by reducing the amount of sick days.

According to the World Health Organisation, hand sanitiser is one of the best ways to avoid the spread of germs and getting sick.

Key locations for hand sanitiser dispenser stands

The best way to remind people to use hand sanitiser is by positioning touch-free sanitising stations in easily accessible locations and within clear sight, such as:
  • By entrances and exits as people enter and leave buildings – especially as germs can be easily transmitted via doorknobs and light switches. Freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers, or wall mounted ones, would be a good choice at these points
  • Outside meeting rooms where a lot of people throughout the day will be entering and leaving – wall mounted or floor standing hand sanitiser dispenser stands are a great solution here

  • Desks – these, as well as phones and keyboards, are key germ transfer points as people are based at their desks for long period of times so desktop touch free sanitisers are the perfect solution
  • Food areas – the highest concentration of germs in offices is usually in break rooms and kitchens so prominent hand sanitiser dispenser stands would be effective in these areas

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