Your Business: How Cleanliness Affects Sales

A recent study where 1,004 adults took part found that 99% of customers would not return to a business if there was poor cleanliness and hygiene. They also discussed how cleanliness would negatively affect their perception and experience of that store.

The study also revealed that unclean toilets and unpleasant odours was the main reasons that customers didn’t return to the store. This was closely followed by dirty floors, spills, stains, unclean surfaces, dirty mirrors and windows.

In order to improve your customer experience business’ need to recognise that customers value cleanliness highly and should do the following:

  • Make the cleaning & maintenance a high priority.
  • Work with a quality cleaning service that understands your brand values and operational objectives.
  • Carry out regular checks on facilities such as restrooms, restaurants and common customer areas such as till surfaces.
  • Actively monitor complaints and comments regarding cleanliness
  • Invest in top quality and efficient equipment.

Hygieia group visit many businesses such as petrol stations, schools, gyms, leisure centres, shops, garden centres, caravan parks, restaurants and hotels. We make a positive impact on these companies improving their image, productivity and sales.

Are you busy managing the day-to-day tasks of your business and unable to meet high cleaning standards? Can you risk losing customers due to poor cleanliness and hygiene?

Don’t hesitate to give Hygieia a message and we can discuss how we can help your business today.

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