Virus Control With The Motorscrubber Storm

Virus Control With The Motorscrubber Storm

“This super new piece of kit the Motorscruber Storm will keep my gym as clean and as safe as possible for my fighters. I would highly recommend this fantastic sanitising set”

Steffy Bull Gym South Yorkshire 

According to The World Health Organisation, studies suggest that Coronaviruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. This may vary under different conditions (e.g. the surface, temperature/humidity of the environment). Therefore, it is extremely important to sanitise these common touch-points.

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM gives you the freedom to quickly disinfect these common touchpoints, reducing the risk of cross-infection. The storm can sanitise touch-points such as shopping trolleys, handrails, taps, and door handles.

There can be many benefits to using sanitising equipment:

  • The equipment can reach areas that are often missed, overlooked, or out of reach as you can spray on-demand in a controlled and targeted way.
  • Save money as the wand is spray on demand therefore you don’t over-use the solution.
  • Safe and easy for staff to use because of the lightweight backpack and the easy press & go system which means no trailing cables for staff or visitors to trip over.

Motorscrubber technology enhances the two-step cleaning process. The backpack allows you to connect the JET 3 to remove dirt and grime and then connect the STORM to disinfect and protect the surface. Using our Zoono Z-71 surface sanitiser will ensure surfaces are protected for 30 days, even while still being cleaned as usual.

Brands around the world are using STORM to fight COVID-19 such as:

– LNER Railway

– Premier League

– Heathrow airport

– Cadburys

– North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Control the virus with the Motorscrubber STORM and Zoono range.

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