Stay Clean and Stay Healthy: The Dangers of an Unclean Workplace


Here are some key facts and how Hygieia Group can help keep your workplace clean and free of illness:  Firstly 30% of employees said that they only used water to wash their hands. We offer soap dispensers that will eliminate and prevent bacteria from being spread around the workplace. If employees use soap it will reduce contamination by around 10%.  Only 3% of workplaces sufficiently clean their equipment. This is so important as viruses are spread quickly.

Employees and visitors carry in grit and bacteria on their shoes into the workplace, the I-Mop will clean the floor efficiently and properly so that floors are clean.  Toilets have 49 microbes per square inch which can cause dirty smells. We offer a urinal spray which will eliminate the bacteria rather than masking it and keep the toilets smelling fresh and clean.  1 in 5 office workers never clean their desk before eating, the I-clean mini is a great chemical free product which will eliminate bacteria and is easy to use to spray and wipe surfaces down before eating.

One person carrying a virus will infect 50% of all people and equipment in just 4 hours so it is really important to use cleaning products that will prevent sickness – NOT spread it!

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