Preparing To Reopen After COVID-19: What Might You Have Missed?

Preparing To Reopen After COVID-19

With more businesses preparing to reopen after COVID-19 restrictions, it’s useful to consider those things that are easily overlooked. Below is a list of areas that can easily be overlooked. Have a read and make sure you make the best first impression after reopening.

Traps and Seals

These can easily be disturbed and knocked out of place when deep cleaning occurs. In the course of sliding out a glass wash machine or pot wash etc cleaners are tempted to disconnect the waste pipe. If these are not connected back up properly, it can easily lead to leaks.

Build-up of Grease

This occurs when a drainage system is continually used. Grease and other fatty build ups (FOG) are generally taken care of with the use of a grease interceptor or similar. Regular planned preventative maintenance (PPMs) keep the primary pipework in good working order and the FOG is easily removed as it has not had the opportunity to “set”. With most, if not all pubs, hotels and other leisure industry businesses closing down very quickly, that FOG has had a chance to lie in the pipes and harden.  A lot of businesses would benefit from a deep clean of all primary pipework, particularly those lines serving dishwash areas.

Grease Traps

These might not have been unemptied will have had months and months to fester and deteriorate. These appliances will need a full deep clean and maintenance check.


Your sewage systems might need a review. Faecal matter and toilet paper rely on the gradient of the pipe and the correct amount of flush water to flush it down into the main system. Without this continuous process, the last flush matter can easily lie in the pipe and harden. This in turn can cause blockages. Businesses would benefit from a Hydro Scrub or similar to ensure the drain is ready for the facility reopening.

Toilet Cistern

Parts can easily become stuck due to inactivity. It would be a good practice to test all the cisterns for flush action and ensure no leaks from the supply pipe are present.


These can become tight or even seized through inactivity. This can lead to damage as it can take some force to turn the tap handle once it has seized up. All taps should be tested for serviceability.


This can happen when the traps become dry and allow the odours and gases from the drains to seep up through the traps. All traps and seals need to be checked. This can also happen in the ‘u bend’ of the toilet.


Animals will take the opportunity to infest any area where there is a food source. It would be easy for them to gain access to the premises by crawling up the dry traps and ‘u bends’. Do check for signs of rat infestation.

Our cleaning products and equipment can definitely help with some of these issues and for the others, we know people who can come to your rescue should you find any issues. If you have any questions or require our assistance while preparing to reopen, please contact our team on 01757 617301 or who will be happy to help.

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