Innovative Cleaning Products – Always!

Innovative Cleaning Products – Always

I bet you don’t use the same phone today as you did 5 years ago.  It will have changed beyond recognition no doubt!   Very few things stay the same – nor indeed should they when there are better, more effective options available to help our productivity.  Time is freed up to do more important, value-add tasks.

Experts in Innovative Cleaning Products

During our 30+ years in the cleaning industry, we’ve seen huge shifts in the cleaning products and technology used.  Ensuring our customers have access to the very latest (and best) options is of paramount importance to us, which is where our relationship with the i-team Global range comes in!

i-team Global focuses on the development & design of high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities. Ranging from scrubber dryers, vacuum cleaners, gum removers, lighting solutions, microfibre pads and all-in-one cleaning islands.

The i-team Global researchers started to study cleaning like anthropologists. By observing the way buildings are cleaned, uncovering frustrations, seeing where time is wasted and looking at the complexity of machines, they were able to discover fundamental new insights.

Continually collecting customer feedback, combined with expertise, knowledge and involvement from the industry means that products aren’t just manufactured, they are thoughtfully designed with users in mind. They genuinely want to improve and change the entire way of cleaning, instead of simply upgrading model after model.  They are able to give Hygieia Group’s customers access to innovations that can make a huge difference to the way their company cleans. And most importantly, they improve life for the cleaner!

Take the i-mop for example – a renowned example of innovation. This relatively compact machine solves problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.

So, whether you’re vacuuming, sanitising, fogging, scrubbing, lighting, washing or mopping – we have something for you!

Speak to us today on 01757 617301 or to find out more about the i-team range and book a demo. See for yourself how innovative cleaning products can transform your cleaning operations and free up time for more important tasks.

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