Face masks: what you need to know


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. This includes wearing face masks on public transport and in shops in Scotland and parts of Europe including Spain, Italy, and Germany. The latest change is that face masks and coverings are to be compulsory in England’s shops.

Failure to comply with this new regulation will result in a £100 fine.  However, there are so many types of masks and individuals often get confused about what mask they should wear and the differences between them. The following information will make it simple and easier for you to decide which mask is right for you. 

A face coveringThis is anything that covers your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably. This isn’t classed as PPE as it is not CE marked. These coverings are sufficient for people to use for day-to-day activities. It can be used for non-medical professionals such as cashiers, servers, and office workers. These face coverings can be re-used which saves money and waste. 

Disposable MaskThese are non-medical masks that can be disposed of. They are soft and breathable and reduce the risk of infection but are not a medical mask and can be used for general use. These include day-to-day activities for non-medical professionals.

Disposable Medical Mask: These are medical face masks that should be EN certified. All medical masks in the EU must comply with EN14683 and have multiple layers of protection. This is to ensure that they protect you against germs and fluids. These are disposable masks which means they must be thrown away after each use. Medical masks also include type IIR and FFP3. Type IIR masks are 4ply and have properties such as a splash-resistant layer and bacteria filtration system. FFP3 masks are often used for handling asbestos as they are the best masks for filtration and also the best at protecting the wearer. Medical masks are used by all health workers, carers and are suggested for those who have come into contact with anyone with the virus.

Re-usable MaskA re-usable mask is a mask that is medical but also which can be re-used by simply washing it. Our Livinguard 5LOG masks are effective for up to 30 washes (weekly) and use self-disinfecting fabric which kills germs and viruses. The main reason people purchase re-usable masks is that they save money as one of these masks costs just £0.14p a day. They are also really good for saving the environment as just one of these masks replaces 210 disposable masks. 

Remember: there can be a lot of counterfeit goods on the market so make sure you purchase from a reliable source.

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