Dirty Floors: How they could be harming your business


Here are four ways your business could be affected by dirty floors:

1. Damages Brand Image – A lack of cleanliness can damage brand image and reputation. When customers, business partners or suppliers visit the premises, you want to make a good first impression. If they walk into the workplace greeted by filthy floors they are likely to walk away with a negative perception of you and your business which could harm sales.

2. Affects employee health – A workplace experiences a large amount of footfall throughout the day, meaning your floors are covered in dirt, germs and bacteria. These germs will thrive and employees will be the first to suffer, when your employees are off sick productivity goes down resulting in loss of earnings.

3. Health & Safety Risk – When dirt and other contaminants build up on your floors, they become a health and safety hazard as people are more likely to slip, trip or fall. f your dirty floor causes a work place injury, then you or your business could be to blame.

4. Causes Damage – A dirty floor has a short lifespan, but build up of dirt and other contaminants causes your floorings to corrode and can cause structural damage. You’ll have to spend lots of money on chemicals and cleaning products which might damage your floors too.

Is this your business? You should be investing in proper industrial cleaning cleaning equipment like the I-mop. The I-mop scrubs and dries floors eliminating germs and cleaning floors to a high standard. It cleans using only water so you don’t have to spend money on harsh cleaning chemicals which can damage flooring and affect the health of employees.

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