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Clean Smarter: How do cleaning supplies affect the environment?


Here are some ways that your cleaning supplies are affecting the environment without you even knowing!

Toxic Chemicals – Firstly many chemicals in our cleaners are harmful to consume for humans, animals and plants. When we use these chemicals they are eventually rinsed down the drain which means they can build up. This can then have a substantial negative affect on the wildlife and surrounding environment.

Packaging – Often cleaning products come in plastic containers although these are recyclable they can actually be very slow to biodegrade. Using environmentally friendly packaging which reduce the amount of packaging going into landfill.

Water Quality – Household cleaners can pollute water supply thus degrading the quality of water for other users. Water pollution mainly stems from the personal use of everyday products.

Health Issues – Exposure to powerful cleaning products once a week, including bleach can increase a persons chances of developing serious health problems. This can include breathing issues or more serious conditions such as heart problems or lung disease.

At Hygieia Group we offer a range of environmentally friendly products. These include chemical free (using just water) equipment. We offer reusable packaging such as the I-clean mini which you just refill with water. Our soap dispensers are also environmentally friendly with the option to have an aluminium refill canister instead of plastic.

Take a look at our website or drop use message and we can help you to find a environmentally friendly product which will save you money and time whilst getting top quality results.

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