Caring for your I-mop: Yorkare Care Home


Our Managing Director Andrew went to one of their care homes based at Hedon. They purchased an I-mop and this needed a new filter which Andrew was happy to replace. 

A friendly member of staff took Andrew to the store room where the I-mop was kept and he was really pleased with how clean and well presented the I-mop was. 

When Andrew and his team train members of staff with the I-mop they really emphasise the need to look after it and keep it in good condition so that the I-mop then looks after you. 

The I-mop should be cleaned down after every use, the brushes stored upright and stored in a condition where it is safe and not going to get damaged. 

Yorkare also asked Andrew how long the brushes would last so Andrew sent them a picture with a yellow marker (see below) and as you can see the brushes are not worn out they’re in great condition. 

The staff have clearly listened during the training and have took all our advice on board to ensure their I-Mop works effectively. It is evident that the staff really appreciate their I-Mop especially with how easy it makes the job of cleaning for them and this is really clear by how well kept it is.

Everyone should treat their I-mop like Yorkare and they will definitely reap the rewards of this I-mop. 

Request a demo to see how your care home could benefit from an I-Mop. 

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