The I-Mop XL : Welcome to my Family

I-mop XL

  • I am a go-getter, well-travelled and extremely motivated and I can clean 2800 square meters in just one hour.
  • Flexibility is my middle name with edge to edge cleaning and optional soft, medium and hard brushes.
  • With my support in your daily business you will have the ability to complete tasks very quickly.
  • My standards are very high – so prepare to be amazed.
  • All I need is some TLC and if you feel like romancing, take me for a spin around the dance floor.

My husband is the I-mop XXL

  • He’s just as brilliant as me but has a bigger surface with a full-size scrubber dryer.
  • He’s cleaner, safer, greener and better for everyone.
  • He can get in small spaces and only needs charging for 1 hour.
  • He’s got 24/7 energy all day everyday with 350 RPM.
  • He will go where you go.

Our child is the I-Mop Lite.

  • With a width of 37cm she’s the smallest I-Mop on the market but offers a great performance.
  • She can clean trains, shops and stadiums and she’s easy to transport.
  • She has the fastest i-mop brush speed which leads to greater productivity for you.
  • She’s lightweight and can get in hard to reach places.
  • Like us all she’s also water efficient meaning you can get your water from the sink in a pinch.

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