Hand Hygiene: Why Sanitising is so important in your business


“Our hand sanitising stations are designed with the business in mind, creating an easily accessible and useful sanitising solution” – Andrew Bodle Managing Director

For employers of key workers and those returning to work, workplace hygiene has never been more important.

In order to protect the health of staff and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, employers must be more vigilant than ever before to reduce the risk of transmission amongst staff and visitors.

The best way to prevent infection is to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and water. However, there is not always an accessible hand-washing facility available.

One of the solutions to this problem: Hand Sanitiser.

A way to remind your employees and visitors to use hand sanitiser is by making it easily accessible and in sight. This is where our touch-free hand sanitising stations come in handy. These stations have been designed to be a cost-effective sanitising display solution.

These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with an easily refillable dispenser which has 2500 applications of hand sanitiser. The battery-powered infrared dispenser is sleek and requires no touch which further prevents the spread of infection.

The moisturising hand sanitiser is a waterless, alcohol-based hand sanitising spray for instant hand hygiene. Each canister has 2500 shots of the sanitiser to ensure effective germ kill. These 400ml “Zero canisters” are aluminium which means they can be fully-recycled whilst reducing plastic pollution.

Our touch-free range is available in various designs in order to cater for your business premises and budgets. The premium sanitising stationthe standard sanitising stationthe desk-top sanitising station and the wall-mounted sanitising station will provide an effective sanitising solution.

Custom graphics of your business logo on the backboard can be designed with our team for no additional cost – this ensures that your sanitising station fits within your brand and corporate image.

Businesses need sanitising solutions which are smart, simple and efficient.

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