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Solupak All Purpose Cleaner (pack of 10)

The soluCLEAN All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for all hard, sealed surfaces including treated wood, aluminium and stainless steel. Our All Purpose Cleaner aims to clean, degrease and shine. It dries quickly to leave a streak free finish behind. Mango and Peony fragranced and is a part of the soluCLEAN general cleaning range. SOLUPAK ALL PURPOSE CLEANER - MANGO FRAGRANCE - 750 ML DILUTION (1.3) (1)  
£5.90 (Excl. VAT)

Solupak Biological Washroom Cleaner (pack of 10)

The soluCLEAN Biological Washroom Cleaner has multiple enzymes to target and break down organic matter such as fats and proteins. It is suitable for use on all washroom surfaces, including porcelain, stainless steel and all washable surfaces and eliminates soap scrum and body fats. Violet and jasmine fragranced, the Biological Washroom Cleaner is odour neutralising. SOLUPAK BIOLOGICAL WASHROOM CLEANER - PINE - 750ML DILUTION (1.1) (1)
£6.30 (Excl. VAT)

Ultra Big Blue

Enzymatic automatic bowl cleaner This bio-enzymatic cleaner has redesigned packaging to make it easier to fit in a wide variety of tanks. It lasts for 900 flushes and has increased surfactant concentration so it cleans better than ever. Ultra Big Blue releases billions of beneficial bacteria to consume bio-materials that cause odors, keeping your bowl clean, blue and fresh.
£4.19 (Excl. VAT)

WAR HAMMER – High Performance Pre-spray 6ltr

War hammer carpet cleaning solution has been developed for use on commercial cleaning of restaurants, pubs and offices. Also works
£39.95 (Excl. VAT)